This project will let you learn how to create a simple offroad car driving arcade simulator.

Using the C# component system and the built-in physics system, we will create a controlled car that must drive a given track within the predefined time. We will also learn how to create the terrain for the game.

Creating a New Project Using a Template World

While working on this project, we will use a set of ready-made assets included in the add-on, which we downloaded in Section 6.2.

  1. Create a new empty C# project. Open the SDK Browser, go to the My Projects tab, and click Create New.

  2. In the window that opens, be sure to select C# (.NET) from the API + IDE list and click Create New Project.

  3. Once the new project is created, it will appear on the My Projects tab. Click Open Editor  under the created project to open it in UnigineEditor.

  4. Once UnigineEditor is launched, a template world will open where we will start working. We will only need the ground_plane node in the static_content group for the test ground surface and sun node in the lighting group for the lighting source, all other content can be removed. You'll also won't need the bake_lighting and csharp_template template asset folders for this project.

    Notice: The first_person_controller node must be deleted from the world or disabled!

  5. Open the folder with the downloaded UNIGINE Course Projects add-on (this was done in Section 6.2).

  6. Drag the *.upackage file of the add-on to the data/ folder in the Asset Browser window.

  7. In the Package Manager window, select the data/race folder, click Import Package and wait for the import process to complete.

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