Topic outline

  • This course is an introduction to UNIGINE 3D visualization platform. It is intended for those having basic C# programming skills and already makes (or plans to make) first steps in 3D. Upon completion of this course the words "engine" and "UV" will definitely mean more than just a car engine, and something associated with ultraviolet.

    If you want to know more about 3D visualization, if you want to understand the basics of 3D graphics and learn how to make your own 3D and VR applications using UNIGINE - this course is for you!

    This course covers basic aspects plus many other advanced and very interesting topics including animations and physics, lighting, materials creation, adding sounds and music, GUI creation, optimization basics, video recording, and a lot more to give you more confidence, better understanding of peculiarities of the Engine - making a firm basis for further progress.

    Upon completion of this course, you'll get practical experience while your portfolio will include four new projects (based on the templates provided):

    • ArchViz – an interior scene with interactive objects.
    • FPS – a simple first-person shooter.
    • Race – an arcade cross-country racing game with time limits and checkpoints to be visited.
    • VR – a simple VR-project based on the VR Template with extended functionality.


    • basic C# programming skills (required)
    • experience in using any 3D modeling software (a good plus)

    Level: beginner

    The course is intended for UNIGINE 2.17 SDK version and takes 70 hours to complete (20 - theory, and 50 - practice).

    All necessary assets are available for free at